yvReminder 3.2

Birthday reminder, data - from Address Book: Outlook (Express) or XML

This program reminds you about future (and past) birthdays and (wedding) anniversaries. Information is taken directly from your Address Book (list of Contacts), this allows you to avoid duplicating the same information in several places. These Address Books are supported: Address Book of MS Outlook Express, Contacts of MS Outlook, and any other address book, that may be presented in XML format.
You can edit the list of contacts (i.e. friends) and their anniversaries in your "Address Book Application" (Outlook Express, etc.) or directly in yvReminder.
With one click in yvReminder, you can:
- send new message (E-Mail) to selected contact using your Mail Program;
- go to a contact's Personal or Business Web Page in the Internet;
- dial any personal, mobile or business phone number by your Telephony services (TAPI);
- export the whole table of events to the HTML file. So you may copy or print the list.
yvReminder doesn't substitute any of these programs - instead, it cooperates with them, making routine operations for you.
yvReminder launches automatically each time system starts (its shortcut is placed in the "Startup" folder). It scans for the dates (satisfying the "AutoClose scan filter") and closes in a case nothing was found (due to the "AutoClose=1" command line parameter). To launch yvReminder without any conditions, click it's shortcut on your Desktop.
Records it the table may be sorted by any column, in ascending or descending order. To change sorting order click on title of an appropriate column. Change widths of columns as you wish. Your settings will be stored.
The program is supplied with many user interface languages with very easy procedure to add your language, if it's not in the list.

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